Currently we are not accepting applications for the 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your interest and keep reading for our digital series for this year!

Bedtime Stories – Legends and Myths

A long, long, time ago…

The beginnings of an epic tale always start with these words. Folktales, myths, legends, are the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. They carry our ancestors and the culture that has formed the way we view the world. Did you grow up with fantastical stories from your culture? We want to hear them all.

We challenge you to test your creative limits while telling your story. Use props, costumes, makeup, animation, digital elements, or just a camera to share this story with our communities. If the story is best told in your native language, we strongly encourage you to use it (we’ll need an english transcript to make the video accessible to all).

We are choosing projects to be presented in our Bedtime Stories Series in the fall season through our YouTube Channel. Explore your heritage, talk to your family, do some Google-ing, and find a folktale that you want to share with our younger crowd, so they can embrace their culture or learn a bit more about another one. Let’s show them the beauty of our multicultural society.  For further details on how to participate please see the information below. We strongly encourage submissions in other languages. We just ask that if you do, please include an English translation when you submit, so we can add subtitles if needed.  

About the Summer Theatre


The Burnaby Summer Theatre Program is planned and implemented by the Burnaby Arts Council (BAC). This program receives a Canada Summer Jobs Grant which covers majority of the student wages, the BAC slightly tops the wage. This program has been a part of the Burnaby Arts Council for over twenty years. The Activities and Delivery of the Program: Currently BAC is partnering with the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Selected students create, produce and perform an original theatre work at various venues through the greater Vancouver area. One Outcome of this project is that the students gain highly sought after work experience in their field of study. The students perform at parks, libraries, museums and other community venues. They also bring original theatre performances to BC Children’s Hospital, Canuck House and Ronal MacDonald House.

The program is highly inclusive and accessible to all ages and cultures. The community benefits from this project as they are given an opportunity to view live theatre in their neighborhood at community centers, parks and libraries. Community centers support this program because of the quality and innovative theatre performance.

The summer theatre troupe currently provides 50 performances at different community venues throughout Metro Vancouver. Some 2,000-2,500 children watch the plays.

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About Canada Summer Jobs:

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Canada Summer Jobs program in partnership with the Burnaby Arts Council.

Canada Summer Jobs

Each summer in concert with Canada Summer Jobs employs four to six students from SFU who write, direct and produce a play geared towards children.  The play provides a chance to engage with live theatre for Burnaby families as well as Children’s Hospital, Ronald MacDonald House, and Canuck Place.