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Art in the Time of Covid-19

Life as we know it, as changed. With the evolving

Covid-19 Update & Resources

8/14/2020 We’re officially re-opening! Thank you for staying home and

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Deer Lake Gallery

Art Since 1970

Sep 5 2020 - Oct 3 2020 *
* Closed Sunday/Monday and all holidays

What does Burnaby look like through the eyes of artists? How has the arts scene grown for the last half century? This

Burnaby Retrospective

May – Spring in Burnaby, and a new mascot

From 1990 to 2003, the month of May welcomed in Spring with the third annual

January – A month of firsts

January 1990-1998 January during the 90’s was filled with a celebration of firsts, like First

April – A band with 500 years of experience combined

April 1990/91 In the years 1990/1991 in the months of April, events like various musicals



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