In anticipation of Luminescence V, we have got some very exciting events happening soon! Become a part of our March exhibition, Luminescence. The Burnaby Arts Council is hosting TWO hands-on, creative workshops. You’ll be able to learn how art and technology can be combined to create illuminated artworks.

Check out these upcoming workshops!

Digital Stained Glass Workshop – Steven Smethurst

In this workshop attendees will learn how to design and make a unique illuminated digital stained glass window. The illuminated digital stained glass window is animated using fully programmable RGB LEDs and a microprocessor. The effect is a dazzling display of lights. This workshop consists of designing the layout and segments on a sheet of paper. Then attendees will converting the image into a vector using inkscape (Free Windows/MAC/Linux application). 

The vector file is then used to cut out of foam on a desktop CNC router. Each panel will be 12″x12″x4″. The panels will then be put on display for Luminescence V show, afterwards you can take them home and display it in your home!

Digital Stained Glass Workshop

LED Lantern Workshop – Andrew Tuline

Art and technology meet at this upcoming lantern making workshop led by Andrew Tuline, technologist extraordinaire! Attendees of this workshop will get hands on in creating a unique animated display that will be exhibited at the upcoming Luminescence V in March.

LED Lantern Workshop