Ink on plant-based paper
20 ½“ x 28 ½“
Yifei Zhang

About the Artist

Yifei Zhang is best known for her dynamic networks of branching ink lines and organic forms on plant-based paper. Yifei Zhang’s artworks are inspired by her previous biomedical research on Alzheimer Disease. While spending hundreds of hours imaging cultured neuronal cells under the electron microscope, she became fascinated with the complexity and beauty of neuronal networks. Her delicate lines extend like neuronal protrusions to form complex intertwining structures which resembles human connections and social networks. She uses a variety of calligraphy brushes, bamboo pens, strings, and spray bottles to apply coloured ink onto paper.

Yifei lived in Burnaby for 4 years from 2014-2018 and spent many an hour at the Burnaby Village Museum. She participated in Park’s Edge Paint Off at Deer Lake Gallery in 2017.

Artist Statement

Social distancing due to COVID-19 has lead to the breakdown of many existing social networks. Through my paintings, I wish to remind Burnaby residents that these underlying social network will never disappear. Instead, they will branch out and serve us in new ways, just like neuronal networks that constantly grow and reconnect. What does not break us only makes us stronger. We have come so far as a vibrant, caring, tight-knit community that we will persevere through this pandemic together.

Interview with the artist