Crow Corridor
Mixed media quilt
22” x 22”
Jennie Johnston

About the Artist

Jennie grew up in rural Quebec and has a Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Her work studies the human condition as it relates to nature, social justice and ancestry.

On the journey to find her artistic voice she began combining traditional craft techniques like embroidery and quilting with painting and fabric design. Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year Jennie was Artist-In-Residence at Forest Grove Elementary school in Burnaby. During the residency over 300 students worked to create 4 unique quilts and learn traditional and artistic textile skills. Her work is featured alongside other Western Canadian artists in the beautiful Imago Mundi Oh West Canada! Book and has been shown in group shows in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Australia, the U.S. and Italy. Jennie recently participated in the first Burnaby Heights Art Crawl and the RAW Artists Showcase in downtown Vancouver.

Artist Statement

As familiar as the rise of Burnaby Mountain or the lily pads of Deer Lake, Still Creek is the nightly resting place of many murders of crows. The path the crows take across the city to arrive at their roost has been named the Crow Corridor and was the inspiration for this piece. The spirit of these birds, their intelligence, persistence and familiarity is a part of our city. As dusk washes across Burnaby crows fly over the heads of commuters. They remind us of the diversity of our neighbourhoods and how our citizens are not just humans but many species that coexist in our tree lined streets, parks and backyards.

Interview with the artist