When the lands vanish, so too will its people. Since the arrival of colonization, old growth cedars have been logged at an alarming rate. This majestic cedar tree has been known to coastal First Nation peoples as the Tree of Life. It has sustained them physically and spiritually. To Rande Cook, Chief Mak’wala of the Ma’amtagila people, the loss of this sacred guardian only hastens the loss of his culture and people.

Mother Tree Cry: The Last Stand is Cook’s exploration of the beautiful symbiotic relationship between culture and ecology. Listen and observe as the cedars reveal their stories through Rande’s works. As their voices are amplified here, consider the absence of them. What is the future of Northwest Coast art, if they are silenced forever?


Rande Cook (b. 1977) is a Kwakwaka’wakw multimedia artist born in culture-rich Alert Bay. Surrounded by the beauty of the land and art, he found his passion for artistic creativity at an early age as he studied traditional jewellery and carving techniques under several master craftsmen including carver John Livingston (1951-2019). In 1991, Cook moved to Victoria where he was exposed to a wide range of art forms and practices from the Western tradition. With his unique accumulation of heritage, knowledge, and experience, Cook continually pushes boundaries to create beautiful and provocative works that challenge audiences to reconsider the role of traditional techniques for contemporary art-making.

You can learn more about him and the campaign to protect the old growth forests on Vancouver Island at www.leafmodern.ca/tree-of-life 

Artist Talk

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Installation work by Rande Cook

Dates: July 24 – August 21, 2021

Venue: Deer Lake Gallery, 6584 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC.

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