Kevin Lanthier

As human activity alters and controls more of the earth’s surface, wildlife are forced to adapt. Some species are displaced from these areas, some live at the fringe, and others become full-time residents of what we tend to think of as “our” spaces. As their behaviour adjusts, it can seem as though these non-human neighbours of ours take on some of our own patterns and characteristics, reflecting our own nature back to us. We’re also forced to re-examine what “natural habitat” now even means for many of them. As such, these images present moments of day-to-day life for several commonly found species as seen in tableau, not unlike the dioramas in natural history museums, but updated for the reality of their new habitats.


David Righton

The world around us is made up of many different, complex layers. These layers are interwoven amongst each other such that they become defined by the relationships between them. We try to make sense of those layers by distilling them into pieces and recombining them into narratives. Through a combination of acrylic, bright colours, and multilayering techniques, this series presents a story as told by David Righton. Nature meets modern daily life.

As you view these two distinctly unique shows, consider the dialogue that goes on between them. How do we view the relationships between the natural and modern world? How do we, as individuals, instinctively make sense of the world around us with regards to this relationship. Through the two series of works you will see here, the interactions between nature and the constructed world are disassembled and reconstructed in their own playful ways.

Join us for a conversation with our two featured artists this month. Kevin Lanthier and David Righton will share more about their artistic practice, and the inspiration for their bodies of work. We’ll also be engaging in a dialogue about the common thread that ties their works together.

When: May 8, 2:00pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free!

Watch the recording of our recent artist talk below!

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