Arts, Culture & Wellbeing

The time has come to recognize the powerful contribution the arts has on our health and well being!  Making and experiencing arts and culture transforms the quality of life for individuals and communities.  The Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) commissioned a report entitled the Value of Presenting: A study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada. […]

Creative Economy

Municipalities that adopt culture as an industry have gained positive economic benefits for their communities. Numbers released this spring by Statistics Canada indicate that the direct economic impact of culture industries was $58.9 billion in Canada in 2017.  That’s $1,611 per capita, or 2.8% of national GDP! Quick breakdown of GDP: Culture Industry – $59 […]

May – Spring in Burnaby, and a new mascot

From 1990 to 2003, the month of May welcomed in Spring with the third annual Rhododendron Festival while, young rising talents and the multicultural Burnaby. But also popular artists like Joe Average made their contribution, even very special ones.