Burnaby Arts Council

are pleased to present . . . 




Time to Marie Kondo your Art Collection

Sept 21 – Oct 26, 2019


Artwork will be appropriately displayed in the lower depths of the Deer Lake Art Gallery!


Ladies and Gentleman, time to Marie Kondo your art collection. If it does not bring you joy then let it go. The Deer Lake Art Gallery is hosting a Bad Art Sale, you may think you don’t want it but you know you do.


Have you created art that you hated? Are you ashamed of some of the art you are hoarding? Do you have artwork that no longer brings you joy? Have artworks of eccentric taste? Now it is the time to do a Marie Kondo and dispose of it to the Deer Lake Art Gallery, a fundraiser organized by the Burnaby Arts Council.


Enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of giving to a good cause and making room for things that give you joy! And other art lovers with different tastes will have a chance to buy your orphan art! Your art will be displayed in the lower depths of the Deer Lake Art Gallery for the duration of the ReVision exhibition. On the last day, October 26, we will celebrate the recycling of your rejected art. Any art that is not sold will be shredded on the spot and used for compost in our garden.

  1. Is this some kind of joke?
  2. What is a Bad Art Sale?
  3. What is the date of the Bad Art Sale exhibition?
  4. When do I donate?
  5. How do I donate?
  6. Where did you say?
  7. What can I donate?
  8. What is the story?
  9. Where does the money raised go?

Is this some kind of joke?

Not really, and we could be offended you asked and possibly shocked but we won’t be.  It is just a great way to recycle your art!

What is a Bad Art Sale?

Art that is too bad to be ignored!  Let’s celebrate bad art in all its forms.  Sometimes an artist takes 2 or 3 attempts that ends up being gorgeous, but it is the artwork created in-between that we want.

We are looking for a range of work from talented and maybe not so talented artist that may have gone awry.

Have you collected artwork that you no longer love?  Then the Bad Art Sale is THE PLACE to donate!

What is the date of the Bad Art Sale exhibition?

The event coincides with the ReVision:the art of recycling exhibition on September 21 – October 26.  You can buy the art throughout the exhibition and pick it up at the closing event night – October 26 from 7 pm – 9 pm.

When do I donate?

Donations accepted THROUGHOUT the exhibition!  So keep dropping your Bad Art off at the Gallery!

How do I donate?

Simply drop your original Bad Art off @ the Deer Lake Art Gallery.

When can I drop the Bad Art off?

ONLY during gallery hours:  Tuesday to Friday 10 am – 4 pm,  Saturday 12 – 4 pm.

Do not DUMP your Bad Art into our garage please or leave out in the elements.

Where did you say?

Well, the Deer Lake Art Gallery is located in Burnaby, BC.

Address specifically:  6584 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

Parking is FREE, so pull into the driveway and bring your Bad Art into the gallery.

What can I donate?

We are only accepting original paintings for this event mainly due to lack of space.  You can keep your sculptures, prints and all your other bad art in your garage and/or attic we just don’t have the space to exhibit!

Where do I deliver the Bad Art?

Didn’t we answer that question above?

What is the story?

It would be great if you could provide a descriptive narrative about the artwork you are donating.  Makes it a whole lot more interesting at the exhibition to read a bit of history on the piece.  Come prepared when dropping off to give us a few deets!

Not a total requirement to leave your name but it would be great to know!

Here is the form in advance, hard copy available at the gallery:

Artwork Drop-off & Donation Form

Where does the money raised go?

Thank you for caring enough to ask!  The Burnaby Arts Council hosts and organizes numerous FREE events and activities.  Through your generosity, grants, private and public funding we are able to be accessible to everyone!