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 Discovery: A Slice of Diversity

Group Exhibition of Ismaili Muslim Female Artists

Curated by Taslim Samji


Girls with Hands ShaziaAynBabul

A Contemporary Art Exhibition of Ismaili Muslim Female Artists.

Curated by Taslim Samji, Discovery is an exhibition of the works of 6 Professional and Emerging local Female Ismaili Muslim Artists who migrated to Canada from their birthplace of East Africa, with cultural roots from India and surrounding countries. Even within such a defined group of artists, the forms of expression and concepts explored in the pieces widely vary.  Pieces range from paintings, sculptures, installations, mix media and literary works. The closer we look within a visible minority group, such as the Muslim community, the more diversity we find there is to celebrate.

 Bio of Taslim Samji

Taslim Samji is an artist and curator. She is in search of different perspectives that relate to her existence and identity in the global environment. Through the exhibitions she curates and her art practice, she is able to continue the dialogue of her search.

Taslim was born in a small town in Tanzania and migrated to Canada when she was three years old. With cultural roots from India, the Middle East, East Africa and Canada, Taslim finds herself struggling, at times to connect with her cultural identity, versus the spiritual and gender ideas she resonates with.

She received her BA, with a major in Asian Studies from UBC, a marketing diploma from BCIT, and is currently finishing up her Fine Arts Certificate at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Taslim is an active member of the local art community and currently holds the post of Vice Chair on the BC Ismaili Arts and Culture Portfolio. Over the past year she curated a visual art exhibition titled “Intersections” at the Roundhouse Community Center, and showcased over 30 performing artists as the creative lead for a community festival that welcomed 10,000 visitors on the PNE grounds.


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