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 World in Transit

Solo Exhibition

Featuring Joy Munt


World in Transit is a solo painting exhibition that will be held at The Deer Lake Gallery by Joy Munt. World in Transit is hosted and organized by The Burnaby Arts Council it will open Saturday April 11th 2015 and run until May 2nd 2015.

World in Transit features the industrial inspired surfaces of the artist Joy Munt. The materiality of paint in Munt’s work is pushed to its capacity through her process of layering, sanding and scraping back. Process is integral to Munts work and the effects of her tools and gestures are left ingrained into the surfaces of her paintings. The central approach to painting that Munt applies is not additive but subtractive. Mirroring the processes of abstraction itself, Munt abstracts through the material subtraction of pigment through sanding. The paintings aren’t only illusionary images but also objects that are cut into and pushed to their limits. The title of this exhibition World in Transit illustrates where Joy Munt finds her textured inspiration. She recreates surfaces that echo the worn surfaces of industrial painted objects, the signs of highway travel and found text. Like the painted hull of the ship that has been worn away through years of global travel and saltwater erosion Munt’s paintings bear the wear of painting itself. As painting continues to grate up against itself its processes, materials, subjects, and iconography. Munt sands down, grates against and carves out of her works her love for process, texture, abstraction, colour and formal composition.

Joy Munt resides in Vancouver B.C she completed a BFA in Visual Arts with a double major in Sociology and a minor in Film Studies in 1992 from the University of Victoria. Please join us for the opening reception of World in Transit that will be held April 11th 2015 between 2-4pm and the exhibition will run until May 2nd 2015.


Written by K. Leigh Tennant

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