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August 16th – September 6, 2014

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Press Release Bring It Together

TheBurnabyArtsCouncilispleased to host the “Bring it Together:With Sculpture” exhibition at the Deer Lake Gallery between August 16th  - Saturday September 6th,, 2014.   You are invited to join us on the opening on Saturday August 16th between 2- 4 pm, 2014.  Thisjuried group exhibition features sculpturalandinstallation work by local emerging artists.  We are excited to be hosting an exhibition of ambitious diverse sampling of sculpture.

Materials for the show include, large outdoor metal pieces, sculptures that use drawings, collage and combination of sculpture and installation, abstract stone work, recycled material

Bring it Together with Sculpture features the work of:


Ellen Bang –  Most of her sculptural work is concerned with the conditions and challenges of living in urban environments.  She works mainly in sculpture and painting.  The piece being exhibited is primarily geometric abstract stoneworks.

Vanessa Black – Vanessa’s work explores the physical, psychological and spatial relationships surrounding collecting and hoarding. Using objects she and other family members have collected for years, she transforms them into biomorphic forms as sculptures, drawings and paintings.

Neil Chung – Curiosities is a piece where the uncanny is the main focus. The taxidermy foam squirrels provide an unnatural representation of the animal and at the same time serves to function as anatomically accurate reproductions. Foam itself as a material is non-degradable; to maintain decomposing corpses that are stretched over foam which lasts forever is borderline illogical. This work is my way of facilitating a broad discussion regarding the act of combating decay and the natural cycle of life.

Amelia Epp & Bronwen Payerle – Use drawing, collage, sculpture, and installation to address human shelter both as conceptual and realized form.  The artwork examines the physical, emotional and aesthetic materiality of enclosures, the perceived protective quality of fabrics and environment-specific textures found within both built and natural spaces.

Anyuta Gusakova – An artist that uses diverse mediums and means of expression.  Her love of life is manifested through her world of Bunnies, Minotaurs, Andelion girls, and Teddy Bear Molecules.  Roted in classical tradition, she employs her creativity with a unique vision that is clearly her own.

Brigitte Lochhead –   Drawing inspiration from the history of art, popular culture her work investigates the relationship between knowledge, memory and experience.   Specifically Lochhead focuses on multiple iterations of materials both raw and manufactured.

Ewan McNeil – His sculptures are mixed media bricollage that are inspired by the art historical movement of Constructivism and artists such as Gordon Matta-Clark and Henri Laurent.

Ronald Simmer – It is Ron’s challenge to repurpose consumer products into the unusual.  He searches for materials and objects that speaks to him with the promise of sublime creations that will amaze, tickle, surprise or pause to make you think.

Angela Smailes – Manipulates the environment to manufacture what she believes is a specific affective moment by focusing on specific activity and interacting with specific objects – within a five minute time limit.  Smailes produces large series of studies that explore various aspects of form that accumulate into what she calls a ‘three-dimensional sketch book’.

Bill Thomson – Approaches his art making as a visual exploration of the everyday world around him. He revisits traditional perceptions of the relationship between form and function, as he transforms found and recycled materials into ‘one of a kind’ assemblage sculpture.