Upcoming Exhibitions




Upcoming: Works by BAC Member Groups: Richard Major Art Group and My Artist’s Corner, Opening April 26th 2-4pm  2014.

The exhibition “Multiple Visions,” will be opening in The Deer Lake Art Gallery from April 26th- May 17th 2014. “Multiple Visions” features the work of The Richard Major Art Group and My Artist’s Corner both groups are long term Burnaby Arts Council member organizations. Both organizations share similar mandates of inclusivity and grass roots community development, they nurture individuals by providing platforms for shared creative experiences. The diversity of the work presented within “Multiple Visions,” evidences the different methods, mediums, approaches, struggles, imaginations and therefore creative potential of all individuals.
Richard Major Art Group celebrates its 42nd anniversary with this exhibition of paintings. The group was formed in 1972 by Burnaby resident Richard Major who had the vision of bringing people together to develop their artistic skills. This exhibit is a vehicle to show the public that seniors can still be active in the art world and produce first-class paintings that are professional and imaginative.
My Artist’s Corner (MAC) is a member-driven group comprised artists living with mental health issues from the lower mainland. The group embraces and promotes art as a fine art medium and as a vital support for recovery. MAC hopes that others learn about the issues that challenge MAC members and gain an appreciation for the ‘real people’ beyond the stigma.

Please join us for the opening reception of “Multiple Vision’s” Saturday April 26th between 2-4:00pm. Free to the public.

Info: info@burnabyartscouncil.org