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 Photographic Convergences

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Adam Gibbs – Chris MacKenzie – Kelly Selden


Photographic Convergences is an exhibition of work that will be held at The Deer Lake Gallery featuring work by Adam Gibbs, Chris MacKenzie and Kelly Selden.  Photographic Convergences is hosted and organized by The Burnaby Arts Council and it will open Saturday May 9th and run until May 30th 2015.

The Burnaby Arts Council is excited to announce the opening of Photographic Convergences an exhibition that features three unique photographic perspectives. Photographic Convergences features: Kelly Selden’s formal explorations of painterly degraded urban surfaces, Adam Gibb’s majestic nature shots and Chris MacKenzie’s thoughtful land art interventions.

Kelly Selden’s formal abstract photographs, explore the color, texture, and patterns of degraded urban surfaces. Texture is prominent in Selden’s work be it textile, print media or photography. In this series of work Selden explores the effects of a new archival process that infuses dyes directly into specially coated aluminum plates giving the photograph a luminescent sheen. Chris MacKenzie’s landscape interventions become the subject of his photographic practice. MacKenzie carefully alters a site through a composition of rocks, branches, flowers, berries and leaves. MacKenzie’s art engages within a tradition of land art and intervenes into landscapes using found materials derived directly from the location. Land Art gestures will often deteriorate quickly as the drawings scatter and or erode back into the earth. Adam Gibbs is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking into remote locations, setting up photography equipment and then attempting to capture the beauty of the world and the light in which it is illuminated. The practice and creativity of photography often drives Gibbs to explore new places and put his lens to the test of capturing the grandeur of what it is he sees.

Adam Gibbs is a professional photographer residing in New Westminster. Gibbs took up photography later in life enrolling in the photography program at Langara College which has resulted in diverse professional photography career. Kelly Selden originates from North Vancouver and attended Capilano College further honed her skills through studies in their Textile Arts Program. Selden then went on to UBC ‘s Art Education Program fulfilled her training as an Art Teacher and currently resides in Port Moody. Chris MacKenzie is a lecturer of sociology at UBC has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in the lower mainland.

Please join us for the opening reception this May 9th 2015 between 2-4pm:

Written by K. Leigh Tennant



JPEG - Courtyard Photographic Convergences