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 Water’s Edge

Group Exhibition

Featuring Visual Artists:

Roderick Brown

Peter Gutmanis

John Haig


Water’s Edge is a group exhibition that will be held at The Deer Lake Gallery featuring the work of John Haig, Peter Gutmanis and Roderick Brown. Water’s Edge is hosted and organized by The Burnaby Arts Council. The exhibition will open Saturday September 26th 2015, remaining open until October 17th 2015.

Water’s Edge is a group exhibition featuring three distinct practices that engage the ocean’s edge, where human industry and marine life collide. The work of John Haig, Peter Gutmanis and Roderick Brown all construct and or engage in a certain romance of the water’s edge. The works record and become monuments to the after shock of a once booming and now exhausted marine industry, found in aestheticized nets, turned over boats, coiled up ropes, boats haunting horizon lines, sleepily anchored and or washed ashore. John Haig’s paintings methodically record a type of west-coast lifestyles through patterning and repetition. Care and imagination construct Haig’s stylized landscapes. The precise positioning and repetition of shapes and colours within Haig’s tableaus succeed and the illustrative paintings hum. The works featured within Water’s Edge exhibition will be familiar to all those who frequent the lower mainland of British Columbia. Kayaks, boats, salmon, nets, mountain views, sailboats, ferries and forests contribute to this our west-coast mythos. Also a resident of British Columbia, Peter Gutmanis practice is committed to translating disparate scenes into watercolors paintings. Gutmanis regular practice was intensified in relation to his demanding days as a surgeon. Gutmanis working off of photographs sketches his scenes before dipping into his preferred medium, watercolor painting. Gutmanis dematerializes the exactitude of his photographs through abstracting the recorded scene one degree further; this abstraction makes visible the function of both the camera and the paintbrush. Roderick Brown’s carved and then engraved fish are monuments to materials, myths, sustenance, destruction and industry. The fish and animals he carves and then illustrates evidence care, appreciation and curiosity. Working with reclaimed red cedar Brown inscribes the fish with patterning that engages the shape of the form. Brown lives in Terrace B.C with his growing family.

Please join us for the opening reception of Water’s Edge that will be held September 26th 2015 between 2-4pm at the Deer Lake Gallery.


Written by K. Leigh Tennant



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